‘Restored provides a completely professional and caring support network for people struggling to overcome all types of eating disorders. Restored is a wonderful organisation, which has been and continues to be a very positive influence on my life.’

‘I have visited Restored for a year and have found the service incredible. The service provided has literally changed my life for the first time in 30+ years and I do not know what I would have done if I had not had access.’

‘Having an eating disorder is a lonely experience. Restored and the people who work there make you realise you do not have to fight on your own. Their compassion and support offer hope where you thought there was none. Recovery becomes more than an impossible dream; something that can be reached for, one step at a time, knowing there are people who care walking with you every step of the way.’

‘…I had never spoke to another person that had an eating disorder before so going to Restored was so good for my recovery, knowing that there were other people just like me. The staff were really friendly to and always made you feel welcome. It felt like it was like a second family to me.’

‘Using Restored helped me to recognise that my behaviour around food was not only unhelpful but also damaging.  I was encouraged to seek further help and supported through the early stages of weight restoration.  Have recommended Restored to a couple of friends and will continue to do so.  Services like this are invaluable when treatment on the NHS is so limited.’

‘I think Restored is an amazing place. For the first time I feel that I am surrounded by a group of people that are not judging me and have given up their time to help me recover. Also having a recovery group run by people that have recovered from eating disorders is inspirational. I finally feel that there are people to help me on my recovery journey and that I am not fighting this battle on my own.’

‘I am now recovered from my eating disorder. I have no doubt that I would not have been able to achieve this without the support and services Restored offered me. The people I met there supported and inspired me to get well and stay well. During some of my darkest and most challenging times in recovery accessing the Restored support quiet simply kept me alive. I have been able to go back to university and I am able to work now, I have a life I never thought I would be able to achieve. I am grateful for every single person I met at Restored.'

‘Restored has helped me so much with coming to terms with my eating disorder and helping me to overcome it. They never pushed me further than I wanted, and allowed me to take baby steps. They were so supportive and offered a great deal of options, which were tailored to my personality and physical/emotional needs.’


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